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The Electoral Register is a database of those registered to vote in a given electoral area. The electoral register governs the process of voting.

The electoral register lists every person in the UK’s full name, address and age. You can search the electoral register through 192, including telephone numbers, occupation details and the names of other people living at the same house address.

There are two types of electoral register searches, free searches and paid for premium searches. In any case the search system is free to try and premium results cost only a few pence if you cant get any free results.

Electoral register in detail
The electoral register is compiled for every electoral poll district and has two search formats. The full
electoral register is made available for a supervised inspection by anybody at your local council / authority offices.

In October 2002, new regulations came into force meaning there are now two versions of the register available, the Full Electoral Register and Edited version.

What is the Full Electoral Register?

The full register lists everyone who is entitled to vote. In the UK

The three Credit reference agencies, namely Equifax, Experian and Callcredit are allowed to use the full electoral register, but only to check  a persons name and address, for example if  they are applying for credit or to prevent money laundering.


The general public does not have access to the full Electoral Register after October 2002 but can access the full version before this date or full edited versions  for all years.

What is the Edited Electoral Register?

The edited electoral register does not have the names and addresses of people who have requested their names to be excluded. The edited Electoral Roll can be bought or accessed by anyone, This edited version of the electoral register is easily searchable using online search facilities such as 192

How many records are available?

Approximately 26 million people are recorded on the latest edited 2012 Electoral Register, and 212 million records in total spanning nine years. All records available 192, click on the banners on this page to have a look.


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In order to search the electoral register you simply need the persons first name and surname, if you have a middle initial or approximate idea where they may be living ie a radius of 19 miles from Great Yarmouth this will help to reduce the number of results and enable you to find the person you are searching for faster. You can also filter results by age, occupation and spouse names.

When is the Electoral Register published?

Between August and October each year, an electoral registration form is delivered to each property. When  its received the details need to be checked to make sure they are correct. It is then returned to the electoral registration office. The new Electoral Register is published on 1 December every year.

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